Still Here

I just looked at the calender and realized that I haven’t posted a real post in quite awhile. I am still here. Just staying busy with spinning and sewing and creating new batts. I am trying to get ahead of the game. I was invited to be part of a boutique style booth next month at the Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival. So in addition to trying to create wonderful fiber items for my Etsy store so I can have enough stock there to have an official grand opening, I am also trying to create stock for the show. So I am either at the wheel every evening or standing in front of the drum carder. And I can also be found at the sewing machine as well since I have been making aprons for spinners. I have several of the arpons almost ready to go. The ones up over on Etsy need a better model than the fence post.


And I am busy spinning up yarns for some one who is selling at Crafty Bastards. And I am trying to fit in knitting as much as possible. I am currently knitting my second Ripley (Rav link) hat out of stash yarn. I have more yarn in the stash that will become this hat. It is quick and easy and super cute. A least a few will end up as holiday gifts. And no modeled shots of the hats yet.

Shadow Play
Actually I think I may be able to get some modeled shots this weekend. A friend’s daughter is a willing model and I will be seeing her Saturday.

The other thing I am busy doing is out wandering and shooting photos. I just took the big step and entered a major competition in the DC area this past week. I had to decide between entering the county fair or the big DC one. And the big one won. The county fair is a joke in that it costs you more to enter then they pay out. Plus people enter just to get the free pass into the fair. And you end up with lots of junk photos entered. Okay, not junk photos but things that are out of focus and such. The photo I entered was the one called Waiting which was the last photo I posted. It will be a bit before I know anything about this competition though.


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3 responses to “Still Here

  1. Ooh! You’ll let us know where to look at Crafty Bastards for your yarn?

  2. Very cool! I thought about entering something in the Arlington County Fair in photography but never got around to it. Which large DC competition did you enter, if you don’t mind me asking? There are a ton of online things out there – I need to just start entering any and everything, for feedback if nothing else. Good luck!

  3. You sound very busy! Best of luck with all your artistic ventures. I’m so impressed.

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