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Craft Shows

I am scheduled to work for Karida Saturday morning in her booth at Crafty Bastards. I will be bringing down around a dozen skeins of handspun yarn from her rovings. I am not spinning them up as fast I thought I would. But I would rather spin less yarns and have nicer yarns than tons of yarns that I would not want to knit with myself. But to encourage DC area readers, I am going to bring a skein of my own yarn that I will give away to one of the readers of this blog.

Here is the deal, I have a skein of handspun naturally dyed alpaca that is a lovely blend of natural chocolate brown, pale green, and a raspberry pink. It is about a worsted weight and the skein has 160 yards in it. (Really a few more yards but I would rather error on the low side.) To win this fabulous skein of yarn all you have to do is find me and tell me what you would make out of it. If I like the idea, you will walk away with the skein. All I will ask is that you send me a photo of what ever you make out if it. I looked over on Ravelry and there are quite a few patterns that could be made using this yardage and weight of yarn. Keep in mind though that handspun alpaca is heavy and very very warm. Here are some Ravelry links to various patterns that caught my eye – Celtic Cable Neckwarmer, Turn A Square, Quant, and a personal favorite is Woodland Trails. Now for Woodland Trails the yardage in this skein isn’t quit enough to do the full repeats but I did mine and used only 177 yards so you might be able to get it out of this skein.

Lots of Ripleys

And I have been knitting in between spinning. I have knit three Ripley hats. I will knit a few more but I need to find yarn in the stash for them first. But I have also knit something out of handpsun too. Kristi of Designs by Kristi was looking for some people to test knit the pattern and I volunteered. I had just finished a handspun yarn that was the perfect weight and enough yardage. This cowl knit up super fast. I am planning to knit up another one here shortly. I need to see what yarns I have that will fill the bill for it.

Hemlock Woodland Trails

And I should really introduce the new photo only blog Playing with Fire. Strictly photos. Click on over and check it out. Hope to see DC area readers this coming weekend.


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