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Crafty Bastards

I just realized that I never posted about Crafty Bastards and that made me realize that I haven’t posted this month! Pia aka sparklypia everywhere went home with a skein of handspun alpaca. The only way to describe Crafty Bastards is crowds. Just think hordes and hordes of people. Working with Karida meant that each of us was able to take turns and try to wander the show. But the crowds made it hard. But I did manage top get some shopping done. I bought two Christmas presents for the nephews and plenty of soap for me. I adore handmade soap and never use commercially made soaps anymore. So I took the chance to stock up for a few months.


And there is more knitting going on but it is secret knitting gain. You will just have to wait for the big reveal. And I am still trying to make sure that the photo blog is updated daily.

Crafty BastardsCrafty Bastards

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