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What did I shot photos of at the fiber festival? Not fiber obviously! There were tons of acorns on the ground and that is what fascinated me.

So here is acorn art courtesy of Mother Nature.

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Bad Blogger

Okay, I didn’t mean to go missing for almost a month. There are several things to blame including Twitter and the ultimate time suck Facebook! Okay, Farmville on Facebook specifically. But you can also include spinning and trying to finish up UFOs.

So for a fast round up, I vended at the Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival with a group of friends as part of a boutique booth. And there was a special skein of yarn named Sprite just for a certain DC based Sprite. I think she is still petting it! And the show was a great success for my first show. I sold tons of handspun but not as many batts.

Mohair goat being sheared

After a quick recovery from this show, I headed towards Boston. I went up there to visit my aunt and my cousins who live up there. My youngest cousin is all signed up for knitting lessons now. She was fascinated by my knitting so thanks to Ravelry we found a yarn shop less than 3 miles from her house that offered lessons that fit her busy schedule. Mel is the youngest of the cousins by more then a few years. (The rest of us are no more than 2 years apart in age.) Mel is a full time college student in a program where she will graduate with not only her BS in social work but her MS. And on top of this, she works part time and still stays an honors student. So the fact that she wants to learn to knit on top of everything is fantastic. And being the good enabling knitter, I just sent her a box with enough needles to get started and plenty of worsted and bulky yarns to help her make her first dozen or so scarves. The holidays are coming up and when you live in Boston, scarves are always a practical gift.

You have to climb to the very top to reach the front door at my aunt's house

I am getting ready to head back out on the road this time to the Memphis area. I have an uncle who lives nearby and am doing a really fast visit to him. Funny how I have two uncles who are both truly crazy and I am visiting both of them in the same month! The difference between the two crazy uncles is that one only speaks English & the other refuses to speak English even when threatened.

The English only crazy uncle is my mom’s brother. His crazy is just that he is a hillbilly who has been away from Appalachia for too long. The other crazy uncle is my father’s middle brother. He is the one who is truly crazy. Yes, he does speak English, it is just hat he refuses too uncles he is absolutely forced too. He has also learned that size 0 circular needles are weapons. He was driving not only me crazy in the car when we were trying to find a parking space downtown Boston, but my father and my aunt (their baby sister.) I reached a point where I finally threatened him and told him to be quiet or I would stab him with my needles. Now keep in mind, he was jabbering away in Spanish and I am threatening in English. Did it work? Yes. He got really quiet and was super polite to me the rest of the visit. (I am the only one of the cousins who will ever tell him to be quiet and tell him to speak English. And yes, I do speak and understand Spanish.)

I did manage to visit two yarn shops while in Massachusetts though. I went to a Mind’s Eye which is in Cambridge. It is tiny but a nice lovely shop. And best of all, they had wheels and fiber in the shop.

I also had the chance to visit Webs. Yes, the yarn mecca. It is about a two hour drive from Boston and was only an hour of the way on the way home. Is is really a yarn mecca? Maybe. I am very lucky to have a really good LYS and quite a few indie dyers who are fairly local. Maybe knowing so many indie dyers means that I am spoiled. I have seen so many wonderful small indie dyed yarns and fibers that the ones who break it into the big time no longer interest me? And I am finding that I prefer to buy indie dyed items straight from the dyers as much as possible.

Did I buy anything at Webs? Of course. But surprisingly it was very little. I bought enough Valley Yarns Berkshire to make three pairs of mittens and 4 skeins of the bulky for my niece. The colors were the same of course since we both love purples.

And just for reading through all of this, I am going to announce a special sale in the Etsy shop. I am gong to leave the shop open while I am gone and have a sale plus free shipping for the first 5 customers. I am going to offer a discount of 10% off on batts and 15% off on handspun yarns for this sale. I will be posting the sale in the shop header tomorrow and on Twitter so blog readers will get the first chance at the sale items. And while spinning aprons are not currently listed, if you are looking for one, convo me and one can be sewn up for you at the sale price of $15. I will be posting the sale info tomorrow around 4 pm EST so there is about a 24 hour advance warning here.


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