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Dear Blog

Dear Blog,

Yes, I have been absent quite a bit lately. But it isn’t all my fault. The old computer is having major issues and just seems to slow down and crash at weird times. And that makes blogging and editing photos … well, not fun. Okay frustrating. Okay, the Facebook addiction with the wonderful games over there hasn’t helped matters either.

But I promise to be a much more regular visitor starting some time next week. See yesterday, my lovely Christmas present was ordered. I am finally moving away from a PC and going over to the dark side of Apple. Right now as I write, a lovely little MacBook Pro is being built for me. Okay, not so little since I went with the big one but still it is being built for me. And Apple has promised me that it will be here sometimes early next week.

Once the lovely new computer gets here, I will start playing with it and start blogging again. I promise. And once the taller than I am annoying techie teenage boy helps me transfer all of my music over to the laptop, I will be very very happy. Plus he will be taking this old computer and reformating the hard drive and such. But never fear, all of my picture files and patterns are stored on a external drive. I will be able to go back and finally finish editing all of those lovely pictures taken over the last several months.

But I have been knitting. And I have also been spinning. Actually right now, I really need to get back to the spreadsheet that is being filled with destash yarns. Yes, I am doing a serious destash of sock yarns. I have finally admitted that I would never be able to knit that many pairs of socks in the next three years.

So until next week when the lovely box from Apple arrives, I will be playing around with Facebook between the computer going slow and such.




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