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Still Alive

Dear BLog,

Why yes, I am still here. I have been playing with the new toy aka the new Mac. And I have managed to get sucked into Facebook. I spend way too much time trying to beat Pris on Farmville. (And yes, I am currently ahead of her.) Plus I have sucked into Treasure Madness which is fun. I have been knitting and spinning. And shoveling snow and looking at snow. A lot of snow. I am still trying to figure out who pissed off Mother Nature.

I am aiming to get back to regular blogging next week. I am trying to clean up Bloglines first. When I finally logged in yesterday, I had over 12,000 unread posts. SO I am going through and unsubscribing to quite a few blogs that I never really read anyway. And the number is now under 10,00 at least. Hopefully, I will be able to get a decent photograph of one of the shawls I have finished and have some thing to show off of the shawl on the needles now. I am still on the st-st portion.

An d there will be a contest for coming back to the blog. The prize may be handspun yarn or it could be a lovely lofty batt. Depends on if you are a spinner or one who has not come over to the dark side of knitting yet. And Pris, sorry but you are not allowed in the contest. I have spun up your yarn.


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