Still Alive

Dear BLog,

Why yes, I am still here. I have been playing with the new toy aka the new Mac. And I have managed to get sucked into Facebook. I spend way too much time trying to beat Pris on Farmville. (And yes, I am currently ahead of her.) Plus I have sucked into Treasure Madness which is fun. I have been knitting and spinning. And shoveling snow and looking at snow. A lot of snow. I am still trying to figure out who pissed off Mother Nature.

I am aiming to get back to regular blogging next week. I am trying to clean up Bloglines first. When I finally logged in yesterday, I had over 12,000 unread posts. SO I am going through and unsubscribing to quite a few blogs that I never really read anyway. And the number is now under 10,00 at least. Hopefully, I will be able to get a decent photograph of one of the shawls I have finished and have some thing to show off of the shawl on the needles now. I am still on the st-st portion.

An d there will be a contest for coming back to the blog. The prize may be handspun yarn or it could be a lovely lofty batt. Depends on if you are a spinner or one who has not come over to the dark side of knitting yet. And Pris, sorry but you are not allowed in the contest. I have spun up your yarn.


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3 responses to “Still Alive

  1. oh goodie I love a contest!! oh and guess I should update my blog soon too has been a while!! have fun knitting and spinning and no more shoveling! Hubby found the grain shovel but no new snow ones to be had anywhere!! hehehe! will be watching to see if you post! :))

  2. Hope to see you again soon. But don’t forget to keep taking care of the snow. Snow can be nasty if you decide to just let it be for a day or two.

  3. Congratulations for getting back into blogging. I look forward to the pictures of your shawl

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