And I Have Reemerged

Okay, after a longer than intended hiatus, I am back. I think. I have managed to pull myself away from the time suck of Facebook and the various fun games there. I have managed to get my Bloglines down to under 500 unread posts. I have also cleaned up my lists of blogs that I read too.

So what have I been doing the past few months? Some knitting, some spinning, and tons of reading. Oh yeah, shoveling snow a lot too. ANd I managed to get sick as well right before Christmas. I think I would have preferred to have had bronchitis rather than the cold I had. Bronchitis doesn’t take as long to get over as a cold. Okay maybe not for me.

Um, I am still wondering if Alaska and Canada are missing their snow this year? For some reaso, the mid-Atlantic seems to have gotten it all. I mean over 50 inches so far this winter. And we still have a few more weeks of winter to go yet. But at least the bulk of the snow came back to back. The piles are melting slowly and I can actually see some grass peeking out.

Looking up the driveway after being plowed out

I am back at my spinning wheel spinning. And I am knitting with handspun too. I managed to get some things finished during the hiatus. But unfortunately I can’t show them off since they are going to be a surprise gift for some one. One project that I can kind of show off is the Traveling Woman shawl I knit. It needs severe blocking though so it looks like a giant blob. But for once I have been able to get an accurate color shot of the yarn.

A blend of colors in this light sport weight yarn

The story behind this yarn is really fun. The fiber was dyed by Scout out in New Mexico. It was spun by Amanda in Baton Rouge. I knit it up in Maryland. And it will be heading out to Ohio for blocking. And where it will end up after Ohio is still a mystery. But it definitely is a traveling piece of knit wear.

The shawl I am currently knitting out of handspun is Wandering the Moor. (Ravelry link.) The colors are a soft heathered purple. The yarn is spun from some top I bought at Md&W last year. The fibre is a super soft blend of merino and seacell. The fibre never really had a chance to age in the stash. So I will be hopefully buying more of this blend this year at MDS&W from the same dyer. But this time, I will be buying at least 16 ounces. I am just starting the lace portion of this shawl.

handspun shawlThe yarn for Wandering the Moor

I have also been spinning a fair bit over the last several weeks. I have been clearing off bobbins And this is resulting in new yarns. I am now spinning fingering weight yarns pretty much all of the time now on the one wheel. And It is a good thing that I like knitting with skinny yarns.

I have to send a special thank you out to the lovely Jodi of A Caffeinated Yarn. She sent me a really special birthday present that included not only books and teas but a lovely knit shawl. She knit me one of Ysolda‘s lovely little shawls. It is perfect in that it adds just the right amount of warmth and the color is lovely. I wore it over a black dress recently to a memorial service and quite a few people came up to me and asked about it. The older ladies were impressed that knitting is till gong strong.

I have also started back to the gym. I am not happy with the trainer I had been working with and am waiting to hear back form one of the other trainers. But I have been going every other day and at least spending 35 to 40 minutes on the treadmill on the hill setting. But I really need to get back into lifting weights.

A skein of handspun headed to Gernmany

And I did mention that there would be a contest of sorts for my returning to the world of blogging. I am gong to make it really simple. Post a comment and tell me if you are a spinner or a knitter. Spinners will get a lovely soft luscious batt and knitters will get a skein of handspun yarn. You will get enough yarn to make a project. I need to spread of the love of knitting with handspun after all. And yes, I will mail international so do not hesitate to post a comment. So since I am posting this late on Tuesday afternoon, I will pick a few names out of everyone who posts Saturday afternoon. That should give everyone a chance to post a comment.


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10 responses to “And I Have Reemerged

  1. Hmmm… Can I be a knitter… My spinning wheel sits unloved at the moment and no time for it to be used. Though I am trying to kniw.

    Welcome back…. the blog world has missed you

    • Um, Pris, I said in the last post you weren’t eligible for the contest. But since your wheel is sitting lonely and neglected, send all of your fiber my way. I am sure I can stash it for you.

  2. Don’t have time to be a spinner, so I’m just a knitter. But I’m pretty happy this way.

    So that’s where all the snow went this year.

  3. hurrah for your reemergence!!! I love your beautiful yarns and shawl pics! the snow well trust me have plenty of that to go around here too! I of course spin and knit, but then you knew that! glad you’re back to posting and hope the snow melts quickly we are supposed to be in the 40’s this weekend! yippee!!

  4. So glad the b-day parcel arrived safe and sound! The shawlette’s actually a Traveling Woman shawl, knit up in some Plucky Knitter MCN.

    Sounds like you’ve had a rough winter — bronchitis is no fun. That said, looks like you’ve been knitting and spinning, which is always good. 🙂

    Your story about ROC and your passport really sent me through the roof. People are just nuts…

  5. Wow, you did get a lot of snow! I like snow, but I’m not sure I want quite that much. You have some very pretty yarns and projects. The heathery colours are perfect for spring.

  6. Ashley W

    I’m currently a knitter, but one of these days (when I get to live in a house with room) I will learn to spin. I’m over the snow too… time for a little spring to start peeking out.

  7. Hooray for guilt!

    So you are the one who has stolen all of my Alaskan snow! Up until a few days ago we hadn’t had any wintery weather but with insane wind and snow these past few days, Mother Nature is making up for things. How did you like spinning the sea cell? I haven’t tried any yet but I am sorely tempted, not that I need more…well, I always need more just no need to *buy* more…I’m sure you know what I mean. Your handspun looks lovely though and I cant wait to see your finished WotM.

    In answer to the spinner/knitter question…I’m both 🙂

  8. Charlotte

    Love the color of the heathered purple shawl please show the finished project.
    I am glad you are back. Since I live in MD and have endured the amazing amounts of snow too, I have worried that some of us will be found under the drifts with needles or spindles in hand.
    I am a new and sometimes frustrated spinner.

  9. Emy

    Ooh, I’m a spinner now! (and not just on a spindle, I have an Ashford Joy!!!)

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