Contest Winners

The bulbs are starting to pop up through the debris left from winter's ravages

Okay, I emailed almsot everyone who won from my reentry blog post. There is one person who I did not email simply because I already have her address. I just heard back from the last person and I can now announce the winners.

And the winners are –
Tasha of Adventures of a Sisu Girl up in the far north. Tasha is a spinner so I will be creating a lovely batt for her. And I will be sending her some other fiber since we are trading fibers. Read her blog for stories about what it is really like to live in the bush of Alaska.

Linda of Altered Vision. Linda is a fantastic spinner and creates really wonderful art yarns. Check out her Etsy shop to see them plus her dyed fibers. And I am trading fibers with her as well.

Mel of Misadventures in Knitting in wonderful Switzerland is a knitter who I met through Ravelry. I will be sending some handspun yarn her way. She couldn’t believe that I not only picked her but was willing to mail internationally as well.

Crazy for pink Emy of Emy’s blah blah blog will be getting a wonderful braid of top that will have her favorite colors in it – pink!!! Emy is now a spinner and I am sure she will be spinning sock yarns really soon. I did not even have to ask EMy what color she likes. Um, she is the person responsible for me having some rather shocking pink sock yarn.

Charlotte won some handspun yarn as well. She doesn’t blog. And it turns out that she is local to me. She is a beginning spinner but she is also a weaver.

And the one winner that I did not notify is the wonder talented Jodi of a A Caffeinated Yarn. I think Jodi may get the yarn that is currently on the wheel. The colors will cheer her up in a wintery Chicago. Although, I may pick another yarn for her.

And I got back two shawls yesterday that Pris had blocked for me. I had knit them both back in the fall out of handspun. My niece was by yesterday and feel in love with them both. But she preferred the blue one best. The pattern for both is Boneyard. The only way I let her have the one was for her to agree to knit one for herself. She is in a show choir and has a long bus ride coming up right after Easter. She has picked out the yarn and I will get her started since she needs to learn to M1L and M1R and how to yarn over. She wants something to occupy her hands on the bus trip. Maybe this time, she will actually follow a pattern kind of.

And does anyone play Travian? I am playing it on Servers 3 and 4. Let me know if you are playing or interested in playing. It is actually quite a bit of fun now that I have figured out the ropes and not about to have my village farmed or destroyed.


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3 responses to “Contest Winners

  1. Pretty Shawl!!!

    Welcome back.

  2. Thanks again!

    If your niece is already refusing to follow patterns, she’s well on her way to becoming a knitter…

    And thanks for the blog links, I’ll be checking them out.

  3. Jodi

    Oh, lucky me!! Many thanks, Mia. 🙂

    The shawl is just stunning, and it looks very cozy! Your niece is a hoot.

    I’ve been swamped with the end of the quarter and planning my knitting circle’s annual retreat, so I’m way behind on blogs, etc. Can’t wait for spring!!!

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