There are a few certain signs of spring int he country. Some of them is not very pleasant smelling. Skunks don’t smell so great. Spring in the country means skunk roadkill and well, I will not post a photo of that. Plus I am sure everyone can imagine what they smell like. The other one is the fields being sprayed with cow manure. Trust me, not a pleasant smell.

Another very nice sign of spring is that the lambs are out in the fields. I went up to a friend’s sheep farm yesterday to drop off something. And I made sure I took the camera. After all there is nothing more fun to watch than lambs playing. They don’t just run, they hop and skip. They play battle of the hay stacks.

Looking for mama. Nope you don't smell like her.

Even lambs have sibling issues like being pushed out of the way


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5 responses to “Spring

  1. To cute for words….. hmmmm lamb fleece… *evil grin*

  2. I am so looking forward to spring!! love the lambie pics how cute is that!! thanks for the smiles! :))

  3. I love seeing the lambs and calves in spring. It’s always nice to see new life really. Excepting maybe skunk, although seeing them is nice, just as long as you have a good sinus infection/congestion to ward off the accompanying smell.

    If it’s any consolation, we also got the full spring onslaught of manure spreading this weekend. The preferred brand around our house was apparently of the porcine type. Yummmmmmm

  4. My Nana used to live on a lot behind a sheep farm and it was always lovely to watch the lambs bounce around all over the field. So sweet and cute and now that I’m a spinner I love them even more 🙂

    All that green grass is making me quite envious, especially considering that there is a drift as tall as my shoulders across the road that leads to my friends house!

  5. Jodi

    Such sweet photos! It looks like spring truly has sprung in the mid-Atlantic.

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