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Spring is Really Here

Okay no photos of knitting. I was having some issues with my handspun shawl so I frogged it back and restarted it. I figured that maybe it would work out better the second time around.

Spring means rain which equals foggy mornings

And I have been going to the gym basically every other day so that seems to cut into knitting time. I really don’t like the weight program that was created for me. Instead I have been doing a class there that combines yoga and Pilates. It may not seem like an intense workout but it really is a great one. And you are using your own body as your weights. The one teacher I like there who teaches it offers it four times a week and I try to hit all four days that she teaches. And the yoga studios in town offer up either free or $5 classes once a week. I tried one Saturday morning with a friend. It wasn’t so much asanas but meditative/restorative and I really liked it. It is nice that with three yoga studios in town I can sample most of the different schools of yoga.

One thing I have discovered though is that it is possible to do too much yoga. The last class I took on Sunday was a vinyasa style. And it proved to be a bit too much. I killed my ankle. My ankle is still a bit tender. I am taking it easy and not going to class right now. I need to give it another day to recover. But I will give it one more day and I will be back to yoga classes. I figure that it is better to let it heal before trying it again. I like yoga too much to give it up.

And spring is here with the primroses and daffodils coming up in my garden.


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