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Dreaming of Sunny Days

Today’s weather is overcast and rain on and off. But I was lucky enough to remember to take some shots when it was sunny of spring flowers. Well it was sunny after raining. And weird thing about spring, pollen, This year despite the heavy snows, tree pollen started early. And it is bad. OR maybe this year, I am more sensitive to it. I have a prescription steroid ointment for my eyes when they get really bad. And although the OTC eye drops are working I may end up on the prescription stuff again. I have already done round with them. And yes, they help with the itchy red eyes. What is really strange is how you would think that right after it rains, the pollen count would be done. Nope, it sky rockets for some reason. Hopefully tree pollen season will be over soon.

Letting a 5 year use your camera means different angles

SInce I have been basically staying indoors, I have been reading, knitting, and spinning. Although my niece has been spinning off and on for about a year, it has been on a spindle. But I finally had the chance to let her play with a wheel. I set up the Lendrum for regular spinning. And she was spinning but she wasn’t getting the feel for it. Although, her youngest brother was doing pretty good at spinning. When I switched the wheel over to the bulky flyer and she had her hands on some purple roving, she started having fun. I have set her yarn and need to photography it but she may have become hooked on spinning.

My brother's neighbor's son was obviously bored since he was going up & down the street


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