I have being doing more and more yoga. Having tried out most of the local yoga studios, I have found one that I like. And the classes at the studio balance out the classes at the gym. Ever since yoga has become the hot new fun exercise, every where you turn it seems like there is a yoga class. But yoga is just not about the physical. Yoga involves a spiritual component too. And the studio where I am going blends the spiritual side of yoga into what we do. Plus I have gone back into my books and started reading about the history of yoga again. And yes, I am seeing some results already. Subtle but still there. Of course, when you are trying to lose weight, you never lose weight where you want to the most. But slow is better.

And there has been progress on the knitting front.. I have been trying and trying to block the Traveling Woman shawl I finished last month. Well the third time is the charm. It is all pinned out and dry. Well it feels dry but I am going to give it one day before unpinning it.

The youngest was using the camera

But now that it is blocking, I can reveal who the shawl will be going too finally. The shawl will be going home to Jodi of A Caffeinated Yarn in Chicago. And today is Jodi’s birthday so go on over and wish her a happy birthday!

And weather and allergies permitting, I am hoping to get out early Saturday morning to go and shoot photos. I have a new place in mind but I need to get permission first. I always try to get permission before going onto private property before shooting.

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  1. Jodi

    Oh, the shawl is simply beautiful! How thoughtful of you, Mia. I’m looking forward to wearing it. 🙂

    I’m thinking about taking yoga classes again, too. I really enjoyed it when I did it a few years ago, though I must admit I’m more about the physical and relaxation-related benefits rather than the spiritual ones.

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