A Spinner’s Tools

Some one asked about my spindle collection so I decided to photograph a few of my favorites plus what I am currently spinning.

I like spindles but I do not have that great a relationship with them. I can spin on them but it just doesn’t flow as easily as it does on a wheel for me. But I think I will go back and do some practice with my spindles since they are portable.

And the fiber in the photo is a silk/merino blend. It is so soft! I can’t wait to spin it up. But I must first finish up what I have on the bobbins already. And since I want to spin it up really thin, I need to finish up the fiber on the Matchless first. I guess I will be spending time with the wheel this weekend.

Red as dyed by Roxanne of Zen Yarn Garden

And O got permission to go onto this property I have been wanting to photograph for awhile. It is a farm that was originally owned by the founder of the town I live in. It has been privately owned for the last several decades. The town just bought it but they have not decided what they are going to do with it. I asked the town manager for permission to do some outside photography this weekend. And I was told that there was no problem with me going to shoot it. And the town will be holding an open house soon and I was given permission to photograph inside the house that day too!

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One response to “A Spinner’s Tools

  1. Very pretty! Sounds like a great opportunity to photograph a historic place.

    We’re not moving until May 20 or so. 🙂

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