Preserving Tomatoes

When most people think of preserving tomatoes, they think of canning either straight tomatoes or a simple spaghetti sauce. I will be doing that late on but right now I am exploring tomato as a fruit and making a tomato jam. Tomato jams can apparently be either sweet or savory. I am going for a savory one my first one.

I am using local heirloom tomatoes in this jam and it is taking awhile to cook down but that is fine with me. I had about 4 pounds of tomatoes so I adjusted the acid aka the vinegar a bit and added more. I kept the amount of sugar the same though. The key to being able to can this jam is having enough acids in it. I do plan to try another savory tomato jam plus one or two sweet tomato jams as well. And later on, I will be getting together with a friend and learning to pressure can so I can have some just plain simple pints of tomatoes to enjoy all winter long.


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2 responses to “Preserving Tomatoes

  1. Neat! This sounds fantastic. How do you plan to serve the savory tomato jam? I’m thinking with cheese on crackers, or with eggs, but I suppose the possibilities are limitless.

  2. I wish I grew enough tomatoes to even contemplate making jam, but the harvest is so sparse, I can’t even justify cooking them at all. It’s such an enticing idea though, I may have to supplement the supply with some store bought tomatoes and trying the recipe anyway.

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