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A Visit from Irene

A quick sneak post. I am far enough inland that I am only seeing the outer bands from Irene. The town is eerily quiet. I went out onto the front porch to see how the winds felt and watch the rain. The winds were just starting to be strong enough to rattle the storm windows and push me about. But we are getting off lucky.

the Rain on the front sidewalk

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Saw this old church on a back road not too far from Berryville Virginia

I have decided to give canning crushed tomatoes a try and took the day off yesterday to drive over to my new favorite pick-your-own near Berryville, Virginia.

Since I was close to the Holy Cross Abbey, I decided to go over to the abbey store and possibly pick up a treat for my dad. He loves their fruitcake and it is honestly really good. And I do not like fruit cake as a general rule.

I followed the directions I had but it turns out the main road into the abbey was closed for repairs. So I had to back track and follow the detour. the detour road is definitely not for the faint of heart. Basically it is a one lane dirt road. It is not a road to drive if you have a sports car or a car that sits low. My truck loved it. The road condition forced you to drive slow and with the windows down, you could hear the beauty and solitude of the farm fields. Plus see interesting things like this old church along the road. the abbey shop was closed when I got there put just the drive alone with worth the trip.

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