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My Christmas Fiance Review

Yet another book review. I am a fan of books that place in En Zed and Serenity Woods is a talented author based in New Zealand.

My Christmas Fiance




This is the start of a new series by Serenity Woods. The story is set in En Zed like all of Ms. Woods’ books.

The story telling in this new series alternates the male and female viewpoint so it is equally balanced. If you are not comfortable with this style, give it a chance since it does provide insight into both characters.

Stratton has found himself in the position of needing to get the message through to his former fiancee that they are done and over. The only idea he can come up with is to hire a fake fiancee to attend a holiday ball and he tasks the assignment of finding a fake fiancee to his personal assistant, Meg.

Meg is dealing with her own issues of trying to escape from her former partner who turned abusive. She and her son have moved across the country and started a new life while trying to hide. So when her partner tracks her down and Stratton witnesses the encounter, things take an interesting turn. Instead of the escorts that Meg has found for Stratton to interview for the fake fiancee position, Meg finds herself in the position of being Stratton’s fake fiancee.

Both Meg and Stratton figure that being each other’s fake fiance51epn2sexpl-_ss300_ will cause their former partners to get the message that things are over. And that is when the fun begins since both are attracted to each other yet refuse to admit it. The twists and turns of both Meg and Stratton figuring out that they are in love with each while not wanting to admit it make for a fun read.

I did receive an Advanced Reader Copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. Even without receiving the ARC, I would still be leaving a positive review of this book.

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