The Bachelor Auction

This is a book review for a new to me author named Rachel Van Dyken‘s new book The Bachelor Auction.


The Bachelor Auction is the first book in what I am happy to say will be a series called the Bachelors of Arizona.  The tag line for this book on the author’s webpage is “Cinderella never had to deal with this crap.”  And that tagline is a perfect description for this first book in this new series.

This is a variation of the Cinderella fairy tale retold with a modern twist.  Jane is running her own cleaning business while living with her two older sisters who greatly take advantage of her.  Jane is trying to honor her father’s last wish to keep the family together while running the cleaning business her father started.  Her sisters are both lawyers who expect Jane to take care of all of the household bills, the cleaning, and cook for them.  Jane dares to break out one night and goes out and meets Brock.

Brock is the Prince Charming in this wonderful story. Brock and his younger twin brothers were raised by their grandfather after the untimely death of their parents early in their lives.  Brock has always been the responsible one who always does what his grandfather wants simply to avoid disappointing his grandfather.  But this has led to the twins calling him Boring Brock.

Brock is the grandson running his grandfather’s company, although his grandfather is still in charge.  Brock’s grandfather requests a meeting with him and than surprises him with an announcement that he will be marrying and that he is about to be auctioned off in a bachelor auction.

And this is where the fun really begins. Jane and Brock meet at a party right after this meeting and well yes, true to the Cinderella fairy tale, Jane loses her shoe.  Except that it is a plain old boring black pump. Brock falls for Jane or rather Plain Jane as she calls herself.

Following along with the fairy tale, Jane returns to her every day life.  Until she receives a job offer to clean and reopen a ranch house that she can’t refuse.  Figuring that this is a chance to make some changes in her life, she takes the job offer never expecting what follows.

This is a fairly fast paced story line with fairly well developed characters. Some of the characters are not as well developed as Jane’s and Brock’s but hopefully they will develop in the next book.  This is a wonderful read and I am looking forward to reading more from Ms. Van Dyken soon.

I hope that you will give this book a shot and fall in love with it like I have.

You can find the book to purchase on several platforms. This book is currently only available as an e-book.


Barnes & Noble


Google Play


If you decide to give this book a chance like I think you should, please mark it on GoodReads as a Want to Read.


There is a wonderful contest being run by the publisher for a chance to win a free digital copy of the book on Rafflecopter.   

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I was provided with an advance copy of this e-book by the publisher in exchange for a fair unbiased review.




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