A SEAL’s Pledge Review

I am late posting my review of A SEAL’s Pledge by Cora Seton.


This is Book 3 in the SEALs of Chance Creek series by Cora Seton.  So far I have been enjoying this new series about Chance Creek.  Although this is a book in a series, it can be read independently since the key points of the series are explained in each book.

This book is Harris’ and Samantha ’s book.  Both have always felt like outsiders in any group and this book explores how these two outsiders become a part of the community that is being built in Chance Creek.

Hawk is the one who takes the chance and meets Sam at the airport the morning after the second wedding in the community.  And the sparks immediately fly between Sam and Harris.  Harris is not one to let anything stand in his way so he basically persuades Sam to marry him within hours of their meeting at the airport and before she even steps foot in Base Camp.

The fast marriage between Sam and Harris throws a wrench in how the “reality” tv series about the building of Base Camp is filmed.  Their marriage also shows that reality tv is never really real but scripted.

This is a fast paced story with well developed characters in a very picturesque setting.  Characters from other books in the Chance Creek series by Ms. Seton do pop into the new series so for those of us who have read her other books, these visits are a wonderful chance to see old favorites.

I was voluntarily provided an Advance Reader Copy of this book in exchange for a fair unbiased review.  Although to be honest, I would have left a review for this book without the ARC since I do enjoy Ms. Seton’s book enough to spend the money on them.

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