This page that will tell you what you want to know about me. Maybe….

I am a knitter, obviously, and I am also a volunteer fire fighter. I grew up all over the world courtesy of the US government. I have lived in the Far East; the Hawaiian Islands; southern California; Charleston, South Carolina; Italy; Spain; and Panama. Currently I live somewhere in Maryland. The exact location is either considered Western Maryland or Central Maryland depending on who you ask. It was in Italy where I learned to knit at a very early age. That is also where I learned my needlework skills.

Growing up as I did, I was lucky enough to travel and visit a fair amount of western Europe. My favorite country is Spain. The various cultures that can be found in Spain are amazing. If you are in the south of Spain, which is the region that most people think of when they think of Spain, you can see and hear the Arabic influence that has lasted through the centuries. In central Spain, the language and the culture are different. The climate and terrain have a lot to do with that. Up towards Barcelona, you hear other influences in the language. And the culture is quite different as well. But my favorite part of Spain is the region of Galicia. It is the Celtic region of Spain and the Spanish spoken there is related to Celtic. If you were to look at pictures of this region, you would think that you are in Ireland. But you are not. This is the part of Spain where my father’s family is from which may be why it is my favorite region. If I could live anywhere in the world or visit any where in the world again, it would be Galicia.

Although there are still places that I would love to visit that I have never had the chance to visit yet. The one country that I would love to visit is Cuba. I can legally go there, unlike most Americans, but I have yet to visit there. My cousins and I are waiting to go there when Castro is no longer in power. My abuelo immigrated to Cuba in the 1920’s. I know that the Cuba of today is not the same as the Cuba in the stories that I heard from my abuelo and abuela and my aunts and uncles but I still want to go there.

I have also been lucky enough to visit all of Latin America, except for Belize. And yes, I do speak Spanish if I want to or have to. Fluently no less when I want to or have to.

I will slowly be filling in this page as time allows so keep checking back to see what is new.

7 responses to “About

  1. globetrotteri

    A knitter, a firefighter and a world traveler! What a combination!

    My grandma taught me how to knit, but I haven’t tried in ages. Now I know who to get in touch with if I want to start again. However, I can finger knit with fine wire and I designed jewelery for a living before I left Canada to teach and travel.

    I’ve never fought any fires, except the ones in my kitchen.

    I share your love of traveling. It’s what I do best. I’ll be looking for more of your posts on traveling in the future.

  2. I am having trouble posting to your blog – thought I would try again here and if it works, it would let you know. 🙂

  3. I would love to visit Cuba too! I don’t know if I will ever make it, but am curious about the land, food, music and people.

  4. Wow! Small world. My hubby and I are both vol FFs too, although I am purely administrative after back surgery.

  5. Joanne

    Stumbled on your blog…a fun read!



  6. My husband’s been to Cuba! It was through a teacher’s exchange, believe it or not. I’m afraid it was quite the eye opener. I hope you’ll get your wish to visit there soon. 🙂

  7. Bethany

    I found one of your photos on Flickr; may I have your permission to use it as my inspiration photo for a spinning competition on Ravelry? Thanks!

    Honest, I Can See

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