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More Socks Finished

Okay, the Kermit socks have been done for a bit but I haven’t posted them. I hope their new owner likes them. They are pair #7 for the year.


Pair #8 is called My Hands are Purple socks. The yarn is also from Tess Designer Yarns. I think the color is Peach Melba. The water was purple instantly when they first hit the water. It took three washings and a soak with white vinegar before the water was pretty clear. There was only a slight tint of purple to the water after the vinegar rinse.


And yes, I did start a new pair of sock already. And see if you can guess the pattern. It is a very addictive pattern. And I love the yarn. And very strange for me, I am actually doing them top down.



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Still Alive …I Think

Yes, I am alive and there is knitting going on. The Kermit socks are done. And I hope they will not bleed anymore. There is progress on my Hogwarts Socks and my Sockapoolza 4 socks. But no photos.

Instead, I am letting my legs recover still. I had a practical evolution for one of my classes on Sunday. And this was after a very physical day Saturday with garage sales, walking all over town with a 4 year old and a 1 year old, and birthday party with about 25 3 and 4 year olds. So my legs hurt.

My town always has town day the third Saturday of May. This is a day for everyone to have garage sales and the churches to have their festivals and the town pays for all of the advertising. I had quite a few books and a few other items to sell. My fire chief’s mother was having a garage sale and she invited me to join her. So it was my chief’s grandmother, his mother, his wife, his sister-in-lay, and I with all of our stuff in front of his dad’s shop. I had quite a few paper books and I was letting his daughters have the money from them. I went with his daughters and grandmother walking all over town so that the girls could go shopping. (Okay, the 4 year old went shopping. The one year old was along for the ride.) We stopped at the church festivals and played games and ate lunch before heading back. I had a fire prevention/birthday party at the station at 2 pm for 25 kids so I left early. (The chief’s little girls made more money than I did from the sale of the books but that is okay. The books are out of my house now and they have more money in their savings accounts.)

The birthday part was a success. But I learned a valuable lesson to limit the number of children to under 15. At least there were probably around 45 adults. But everyone had fun and I was able to impress a chief from another county with our equipment and how I run the parties.

Sunday morning, my Engine Company Operations class had a practical session. Bright and early on Sunday is not always a fire fighter’s favorite time. Especially if you have been celebrating the night before as one of the class members had been. Yes, in true fire fighter fashion, he was picked on and had the hard stuff to do first. There is no mercy for those who are hung over.

We had to set up for drafting, set up a master stream device, and hook to a hydrant first. (That is my group did that first.) We than switched over to throwing ladders and advancing hose up a ladder. That is what killed my legs. When we are operating off a ground ladder, we are supposed to use what is known as a leg lock to keep us from falling off the ladder. Basically, you put one leg in between the rungs and the foot wraps the lower rung. It is actually quite easy if you have small feet. (One advantage to being a female with small feet.) But it is hard on your legs. And the photo in the link does not really show it very well since we are doing them in full turnout gear and higher up on the ladder. For me, it kills my leg where it rests against the ladder rung. But that is because this is a skill that we do not use as much as we should. (For photos from Sunday, check out my fire company web album.)

On to the sock knitting. Kermit is done. I washed them but the water was a pale green. I dried them and washed them again. And still a light green in the water. I repeated the process several times over the weekend. The last time though I finished the rinse with a very healthy dose of white vinegar. Now that they are dry, they smell of vinegar and I am debating washing them once more t help tone the smell and make sure that the excess dye is out of the socks. The color hasn’t changed so I am not too worried about that issue. Photos will be taken tomorrow before the socks are mailed off. I really think I will wash them one last time at lunch time.

I have started my Hogwarts Socks and they are coming along nicely. I like the way the color is changing and the colors. I am past the heel on my Sockapoolza socks. I am knitting both socks at the same time So that they will be the same. Photos will be taken soon.

And so this will not be a picture less post, here are some photos from the garden. I planted beans and carrots in both pots and an old flower bed. I have carrots coming up in the pot and beans in the flower bed. Hopefully, they will all come up. I love fresh carrots and green beans. Plus, I try to give vegetables to some of the older people in town who love to garden but can no longer plant vegetables for a variety of reasons. I really do need to pick up two more tomato plants this weekend and pick up some more seeds for lettuce and maybe some spinach or lettuce. Spinach since I love it.


Edited to add: I washed Kermits again at lunch and this time no green tint to the water. So they will be dry by tomorrow morning and ready to fly away to their new home.


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Bloomin Socks

p4300067.jpgI have received my Bloomin Socks already. Yummy!!! My socks were knitted for me by Jennifer of Craftylilly. The socks are knit in Lorna’s Laces Bitter Sweet color way. The pattern is Ryan‘s Dublin Bay sock pattern. It is warm enough here that I have already switched over to my Chaco‘s so these socks will not see much wear until the winter. (And yes, I do end up with a Chaco tan by the end of the summer. Well, the skin where the straps are is paler than the rest of my foot.)

There a some extras in the box as well. Jennifer made me a new bag to carry my sock knitting in which is always useful since you can never have too many socks on the needles. How else will I knit through my sock yarn stash? And we will not discuss how large that stash is because sock yarn doesn’t count as stash.


There was a wonderful bar of lavender soap in the bag to make the socks smell pretty. There were some lovely coasters which are always useful. There are two post it pads which will be used for notes on sock patterns. There is also this really neat dragon book mark. And I do love dragons.

I also have received a package from Eva over at From Sheep to Shawls and Socks. This is the lovely package that had the cookies and candy for the people at my post office. We traded Knit Picks needles for Addis and of course, the needles can not be lonely in the box, so yarn to had to accompany the needles. So she sent me some yarn. Yeah, just what every addict needs is more supply! 😉 She sent me a skein of Fortissima Colori 1000 in color 9053. Yes, this is the glitter stuff but it isn’t too bright. And she also sent me a skein of Flotte Socke. (I hope this is the right link.) And she sent me a lovely post card of Luxembourg which is known as the Green Heart of Europe.


I also received yet more yarn in the mail recently. There is nothing worse to have than a friend who is also a sock knitter and shares. We some how seem to enable each other. After all what is the fun in not being able to share? I received a package full of Pocky with some yarn in it. I have added more Tofutsies to the stash in a pale pink. And some one claimed they couldn’t resist it when she saw the name on label of Eat Your Veggies. She doesn’t realize how much trouble is going to get herself in this weekend. That color is so pretty and you need it. I think that will work.



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Rain Rain Rain

I failed to take pictures last night. But we did get rain. I went out for a walk and got home right before 8 pm. I went up to the attic to close the attic windows because I knew that it was going to rain over night. I had just gotten down the attic steps and was closing the door when I heard the rain start. I have a slate roof, with a slightly sloped metal roof on the tip top of the roof and wide metal half round gutters. So when it rains, I get to hear it. It is a wonderful sound. I had closed the windows up there just in time. And once the rain started, it kept coming. I was knitting and watching a present on the DVD when I thought I saw the sky light up. Yep, we have had our first thunderstorm of the season. (I am easy to entertain apparently.)


I went down the back stairs and took some photos of the new river that was the driveway as the rain came down. I did make a video of it but I have to figure out how to upload it first. There really isn’t much too see but the sound is great.

So I have plenty of photos to take tomorrow or Sunday of all of the yarn-y goodness that I have received in the mail in the past few days. Among the items that I have received in the past few days are my Bloomin Feet socks. Thank you Jennifer!!!!! A nice little package from Eva. i have been assured that the candy and cookies were great. I am posting those pictures to prove that I did give the candy to the post office. 😉 I have also received my April STR kit and my Scout’s Swag package. Can I say that I love both yarns and the colors in both?


And I also received a package full of Pocky and a little something special from Kitty Kitty yesterday. This despite the fact that we will be seeing each other next weekend. And go cheer on Meow Girl in their personal 52 pairs contest. MG needs the cheering section. The something special that Kitty Kitty sent me was some Tivoed episodes of the Knitty Gritty. I have never seen it not just because I do not have cable but because the cable company in this area does not carry it. I did watch the Harlot and Scout last night. My parents just got a dish; I wonder if they can get it…..

And an update on my hair. After living with my hair cut for the past several days, I decided not to go back to the person who cut it last. Let’s just say that cutting curly hair is an art and she didn’t meet the qualifications for the art guild. I went to a friend who does work on curly hair. Yeah, I know, I should have gone to him in the first place. He colored it this morning and attempted to fix it. Some of it just has to grow out but it will grow out looking good. The curls are ten times better and my hair feels better. And the nice part was that he didn’t charge me for the cut. Plus he didn’t push product on me. He just reminded me to condition it before washing it. Yes, condition it before even thinking about shampoo. Some decent photos of it will be taken next week I am sure but here is a photo to show off the new color and curls.



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Lots of Goodies

I received packages yesterday and today but Mother Nature is not cooperating. I want to take the photos outside in natural light. If I am not able to by the end of the afternoon I will take some photos tonight and post tomorrow.

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Kermit Visits Some Green

Okay, Kermit wanted to go out and play on Sunday which was Earth Day. And I did let him. But first another FO in Project Spectrum colors. This time around pinks!!! The yarn is Rock Star from Sunshine Yarns. The pattern is my plain generic toe-up sock with a picot cuff. I have had the one finished since last month but I just finished the mate.


And since I finished my no-thinking required socks I did start another pair. Okay, I already had another one started. When I cleaned up my stash, I found several skeins where I had wound them into center pull balls but no labels. Or I had started a pair and frogged them and the yarn was in two balls. So I am trying to use them up as my no-thinking required sock yarns. No photos yet of the new nameless socks. (But the yarn is STR!!!)

And I have received yet more goodies from swaps again. First of all, I received my scarf from ISE 4 already. Technically it isn’t a scarf but a shawl. I said I was up for surprises. And Yuju sent me a lovely purple shawl. I am not sure of the yarn but it is a lovely deep purple and soft. The pattern reminds me of the Flower Basket Lace Shawl from Fiver Trends. It does look really pretty against the green of the grass. (Correction – I have been told that the pattern is the Swallow Tail pattern from the Fall 2006 issue of IK.)


I also received my yarn from the Earth Day Swap hosted by Moraie over at moraie knitting. We were supposed to send our partner eco-friendly yarns. And she sent me some yarn that I have been wanting to try. I love Fleece Artist sock yarn in the first place but I have yet to try the Sea Wool sock yarn. She sent me a skein of it. I am not sure of the color name but the colors are pinks and greens. I think it might be Rose Garden. She also sent me four skeins of Classic Elite’s Bam Boo which is a 100% bamboo yarn in a dark peacock. She also sent me the Flower Basket Shawl pattern and some chocolate. The chocolate is the Endangered Species chocolate which is some of the best chocolate out there.


Now for Kermit. The first sock is almost done. I have one more repeat to do before I call them done. I will do a picot bind-off on the sock. Than I can start the first one. The one comment from my LYS was how many batteries does the sock take. So I guess the socks are a little bright. Kermit is brighter than the grass even. I am hoping to have these done in time. If nothing else, I will be very close.



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Swap Photos

As I have admitted before, I like swaps. I have photos to prove it. First up are the photos from the Lime and Violet Sock PrOn swap on the message boards. My package came all the way from England. And from the Peaks District no less. Yes, the Peaks District of Pride and Prejudice fame. (edited to add: My partner was Miss Shine of Apocalypse Knitting)


My partner was Helen. (Helen if you have a blog, please let me know!!!) Helen sent me a skien of Posh Yarns Emily. This is a cashmere blend yarn!!!Helen says it is LUSH!!! The color name is Tantivy if I am reading the label correctly. The colors are blue, purples, pinks, brown and coral. It looks yummy. She send me a pencil with a sheep topper. There was also a bar of Romney’s Kendal Mint Cake.

And the cutest thing, next to the yarn and the post card, was a little bunny that she crocheted out of sock yarn. The bunny is sitting right at the bottom of my computer screen right now.


And from yarn we go to candy. I took part in “Another International Candy Swap” on Swap-Bot. I received my package yesterday from Hege in Norway. Since everyone at the post office likes to see what I get in my swap packages, I had to ope it there. And Dennis, one of the few males at my post office, was having fun. He speaks German and was trying to figure out what the candy was. He was able to pick out of to some the words. He did ask if I would share of the candy with him and I did tell him yes. The candy he wants to try is the candy in the big yellow bag with the trolls on it. And I think the Kermit sock wants to try it to since Kermit wanted to be on the photo shot. I forgot to write down all of the names of the candy but I will let you know how it tastes after I try it. (My niece and nephew haven’t seen the candy yet, so I may not share with them. They are getting Pocky instead.) 🙂



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Bad Knitter

I have been trying very hard to not buy any more sock yarn until Maryland Sheep and Wool. I was doing very good and only buying patterns. But I am weak and a gave in to temptation. I saw some new sock yarn over on some one’s blog (not naming names as an enabler am I?) And well, I just had to go and check out the new store. Woolgirl is fantastic if you love indie dyers. And I love indie dyers.

I restrained myself in my ordering though. The festival is coming up in only about 3 weeks. So I ordered on Friday and the order arrived today. I ordered enough for 4 pairs of socks. I ordered Oceanwind Knits merino in color called Poppy. (I forgot to take a picture of it but it is gorgeous.) I also ordered some Sereknity in Petunias which may become socks for my mother. (She has been bugging about making her a pair.) There is also a skein of Yarn Pirate‘s super wash in a color called Panama. (I had to have since I once lived in Panama and the colors made me homesick.) I fell in love with the colors in Stonebarn Fibers Anglea. Pink and black. How could I resist? (And it is sold out already!!!)


And Jennifer also tucked in to the order a small stitch marker shaped like a sheep. The little lamb has pink and black spot son him. It is soo cute!!!

I have been having problems finding some one in my area who really understands curly hair. The beauty school was nice but you never got the same person twice. And they kind of did what they wanted to. I have had several other hair dressers who were good for a while and listened to what I wanted as to cut and hair color. But after awhile it seems like they stop listening. I know that other people with straight hair have similar issues.

Well, yesterday, I went to a salon that was recommended by a friend of my mother’s who was a hair dresser herself before opening a children’s shoe store. The shop is normally not open on Mondays but Gigi has to go out of town this weekend so she was open yesterday to take care of a few clients. My appointment was at 10 am and I didn’t leave there until 12:30. She took the time to listen to what I wanted and she played with my hair first. She was honest about the build up of color at the ends and that the best way to get rid of it was to cut my hair short. I personally do not like my hair short and I need to keep it long enough to pull back for fire calls. We comprised in the middle with it being just long enough to pull back but still much shorter than I am normally comfortable with. We also did a treatment that picked up quite a bit of the build up that was left still on my hair. The treatment was not as harsh on my hair as stripping it would be.

I am going back next week for “corrective color” to try and get my hair back to something closer to its natural color. Gigi claims that the hair dye she uses will hold and cover gray. Since I am going to be paying an arm and a leg for this process, I am going to hold her to her word. My hair grows fast and most colors do not hold. My hair color right now is too dark for my skin but the red in it is the right shade. She was thinking something more along the lines odf a copper red. I will post photos afterwards.

(I just went and grabbed lunch from my local shop and none of the guys in there even realized that I had my hair cut short. Well, Sayid did but he notices things. There were quite a few of the regulars in there today too. Even the guy I used to date was there and he didn’t notice. I normally wear by hair up but today it is down and all of them have seen it down before. I guess it will take them a few days to notice.


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Welcome the Kermit Sock

p4120017.jpgYes, the new sock is now officially the Kermit sock. It has been dubbed this by two different people so this will be its new name. The yarn is behaving and the pattern is easy to memorize. Maybe requiring to sit and wait in the stash is the key. I have about 4 inches on the needles so far and it looking nice and spring-y.

I worked on the sock last night while I watched a movie last night. I would highly recommend watching Artemisia just to see how far things have come for women in the last several centuries. A few words about the film first. It is in French with English subtitles. And the subtitles are a pretty good translation (I understand French much better than I speak it. I can tell my understanding is getting better because I actually listen more than I read the subtitles.) It does have both male and female frontal nudity. It is also pretty accurate about what role of women played in the 17th century. I want to get this out of the way so that if you do decide to watch the movie, you are prepared.

In the 17th century, women’s lives were not a happy lot. And the Church dictated what women could and couldn’t do. Artemisia Gentileschi was born in 1593 and was the daughter of Orazio Gentileschi, a famous Baroque painter in his own right. At that time, famous artists had their “students” actually do quite a bit of the work while they received the credit. Artemisia, as a female, was not allowed by tradition to be an artist. But she studied under her father except that she was not allowed to study the nude male form since the Church dictated this was prohibited.

In 1612, she was denied entrance into an all-male art academy simply because she was female. Her father hired her a private tutor, Agostino Tassi, another famous artist of the time. This is where the movie picks up. At this time in history, women of a certain class were to protect their virtue at all costs. The story is that Artemisia was raped by Tassi. What really happened is lost in the mists of time. But the trail that occurred and the trauma of the alleged rape appears to have had a lasting impact on her art. I hope that you are interested enough in learning more about her by clicking on one of the links.


Edited: The painting are left to right – Self Portrait as the Allegory of Painting, Judith Slaying Holofernes, Mary Magalene as Melancholy, and Judith and her Maidservant.


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Bloomin’ Feet

p1290019.JPGHave you ever had a yarn try to tell you that it doesn’t want you to knit it? And you don’t listen? Not just once, but twice? Or even three times? And you are knitting this project for some else? And you are working against a deadline?

Okay everyone, lower your hands. All of us have been there at one time or anther. The yarn that I was using for my sock for Bloomin’ Feet has been trying to tell me something. Not just once. Not twice. But three times. Yes, I have frogged it yet again.

The first time I knit this yarn the pattern was Elfine by the wonderful Anna of My Fashionable Life. I was loving the pattern and everything looked like it was on schedule. Until I discovered that I had split the yarn in the lace pattern over an inch back. So I frogged.

p2200025.JPG p3220016.JPGp3220015.JPG

The second incarnation of this yarn came with a change in patterns. I settled on Fiber Trends Lupine lace pattern. I went from a toe up patterns to a top down pattern. (Remember that I knit almost all of my socks toe up so this was a big stretch for me.)

I love the pattern and the yarn. The first time I started the pattern, I started out on my usuals US0s. But when I went to try on the sock, there was a little bitty problem – it was too tight!!! So the second try at this pattern, I got smart. I did the ribbing on US2s and switched down to US 1s for the leg. I was able to get the sock on and it was comfortable on the leg. (This was about 2 inches in.) So I kept going.

I did the number of repeats called for in the pattern and started the heel. I switched over to my trusty US 0s to have a nice tight heel. I got through the scary gusset. It looked like I was on the home stretch. Until I looked at the amount of yarn I had left. It just didn’t look like I had enough for a second sock.

So I decided to try on the sock. Okay so far Until I pulled the leg up my calf. It was awfully high and what had been comfortable before was really tight. The reason was that it was higher up on my calf. Now will admit that I have a large calf but it is not a fat calf. I just have very muscular calves. So I decided that if the sock was tight on me, it would be for anyone else.


So I frogged the yarn for a third time. And I finally listened to what the yarn had been trying to tell me. It did not want to be either pattern. And I skeined the yarn and washed it. And I switched yarns and changed patterns again. This time to one I have done before.

The new yarn is a lime green sock yarn from Tess Designer Yarns that I had picked up at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival a few years ago. The new pattern is the Simple Lovely Lace Socks from the Spring 2006 issue of IK. Except that I do it toe up. And as to the yarn that didn’t want me to knit it? It is Tiger Lily from All Things Heather and I will be rewinding it into a center pull ball. I will probably send it to the person I am making socks for since I intended it to be for her.

Now stay tuned to see how I do with this yarn……


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