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50 Hats in 2014


I was invited to take part in 50 Hats in 2014 Challenge by Stacey of UrbanGypz and this is actually hat #2.   The idea is to set your own goal of how many hats you think you can knit in the upcoming year.  I am going to aim for 20 hats since that is doable for me.  Plus I won’t lose interest this way.

This hat is out of some handspun from FatCatKnits called Frog and Carp that I spun awhile ago.  The pattern is Mandelbrot from Knitty. My project page on Ravelry has the details on this hat.  I am casting on already for another one using this same pattern and yarn since I want to tweak it some to suit me.  So look for another one soon.

But the real question is pom pom or no pom pom.  Thoughts?


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January 8, 2014 · 4:24 pm

Handspun Barley

My handspun knit up in a super soft Barley hat for a friend’s son. The yarn is two different shades of Miss Babs. Best part tons of yardage left to knit myself one too!




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Spotted Beauty

A Scottish Blackfaced sheep at MDS&W

A Scottish Blackfaced sheep at MDS&W

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Feeding Frenzy

Feeding Frenzy

Jacob lambs all angling to get their share of their breakfast at MDS&W

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May 9, 2013 · 8:45 pm

Horned Beauty

Horned Beauty

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May 5, 2013 · 5:00 am

Happy Yarn

Just needed a shot of color in my spinning

Just needed a shot of color in my spinning

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A Spinner’s Tools

Some one asked about my spindle collection so I decided to photograph a few of my favorites plus what I am currently spinning.

I like spindles but I do not have that great a relationship with them. I can spin on them but it just doesn’t flow as easily as it does on a wheel for me. But I think I will go back and do some practice with my spindles since they are portable.

And the fiber in the photo is a silk/merino blend. It is so soft! I can’t wait to spin it up. But I must first finish up what I have on the bobbins already. And since I want to spin it up really thin, I need to finish up the fiber on the Matchless first. I guess I will be spending time with the wheel this weekend.

Red as dyed by Roxanne of Zen Yarn Garden

And O got permission to go onto this property I have been wanting to photograph for awhile. It is a farm that was originally owned by the founder of the town I live in. It has been privately owned for the last several decades. The town just bought it but they have not decided what they are going to do with it. I asked the town manager for permission to do some outside photography this weekend. And I was told that there was no problem with me going to shoot it. And the town will be holding an open house soon and I was given permission to photograph inside the house that day too!

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Dreaming of Sunny Days

Today’s weather is overcast and rain on and off. But I was lucky enough to remember to take some shots when it was sunny of spring flowers. Well it was sunny after raining. And weird thing about spring, pollen, This year despite the heavy snows, tree pollen started early. And it is bad. OR maybe this year, I am more sensitive to it. I have a prescription steroid ointment for my eyes when they get really bad. And although the OTC eye drops are working I may end up on the prescription stuff again. I have already done round with them. And yes, they help with the itchy red eyes. What is really strange is how you would think that right after it rains, the pollen count would be done. Nope, it sky rockets for some reason. Hopefully tree pollen season will be over soon.

Letting a 5 year use your camera means different angles

SInce I have been basically staying indoors, I have been reading, knitting, and spinning. Although my niece has been spinning off and on for about a year, it has been on a spindle. But I finally had the chance to let her play with a wheel. I set up the Lendrum for regular spinning. And she was spinning but she wasn’t getting the feel for it. Although, her youngest brother was doing pretty good at spinning. When I switched the wheel over to the bulky flyer and she had her hands on some purple roving, she started having fun. I have set her yarn and need to photography it but she may have become hooked on spinning.

My brother's neighbor's son was obviously bored since he was going up & down the street


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Spinning Eye Candy

In hopes of getting back on a regular schedule of posting, today’s post will be spinning eye candy. I have two wheels and both have something on them. The Matchless has some very lovely Falkland in a colorway called Breathe dyed by Ginny of FatCatKnits. Um, I m ay have a slight addiction to her fibers too. There may be fair amount of fibre dyed by her in my fibre stash.


Bobbin #1 of what will be at least a heavy weight fingering yarn.

And on the Lendrum right now is a very nice special order red that Roxanne of Zen Yarn Garden did for me last year. It is a lovely blend of superwash merino with some cashmere. You can not go wrong with any fibre that has cashmere in it!! I have 8 ounces of this lovely blend to spin up. And Pris has another 8 ounces which may be coming my way. Don’t tell anyone but her spinning wheel is feeling very lonely lately. I think her wheel and she have had a falling out. Lonely wheel though can become very sad creatures.

Red dyed by Roxanne. Hopefully a nie DK weight when finished

And just a reminder, that I will be selecting a few names from the comments from the last post tomorrow evening for prizes. I will email the winners by Sunday so Ic an try to get their prizes out in the mail on Monday.

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Short Break

I am going to take a short break from blogging this week. It is the annual Lions Club gold tournament on Friday and as usual, they wait until the last minute to give me the info for their programs! SO I am busy rewriting the program info because the “gentlemen” can’t make up their minds and printing it out and folding it.

Plus I am trying to set up an Etsy shop. There will be a grand opening hopefully next week provided I get enough inventory into the shop this week.

And there is a wonderful contest for spinner out there. There is a smackdown to see which fiber is softer and finer – alpaca or angora! Click on over to AlpacaFarmGirl’s blog for details of the contest and a chance to a lovely batt that has both alpaca and angora in it.

The bees are in love with the lavender

The bees are in love with the lavender

It has also been just too hot to go out and play with the camera. But I have been scouting locations for some new photos once the weather cools down.

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