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Another Finished Quilt

Yes, yet another one.  Actually it has been finished but I keep forgetting to post it. I am either basting hexis, working on finishing both knitted or quilted UFOs or making jams it seems this summer.  I need to get some of them photographed since I am playing with different flavors this summer.


The weather has meant that some of the stone fruits I normally miss are just coming in and I am able to get my hands on them.  Apricots and plums are my new favorites.

But the new finished quilt is not really a mini but more of a large doll quilt. It only measures 32 inches by 27 inches but it is so cute. The fabrics are a War Between the States reproduction if I remember right.  And I actually bought two of the kits but only one is completely finished so far.

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A plum-cherry preserve.  Rich and oh so dark. But it will be very lovely come the cold dark days of winter.


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A Special Treat

These unusual pickles are an old fashioned treat. Trying to find a watermelon with a thick rind requires knowing a farmer anymore but luckily I do know a few. Two slightly under ripe watermelons and a lot of time cutting, cleaning and peeling will turn out hopefully several pints of tender sweet watermelon rind pickles. And they are all for a special gift for a friend


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