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Welcome Zombies

First of all, for those who claim it is already a holiday elsewhere in the world, Halloween does not start until night fall on the evening on October 31 where you live. (And yes, this is aimed at a specific person. He knows who he is.)

Halloween has a very long history. Historians have traced the origins back to the times of the Druids and Celts. Samhain was the start of the dark period of the year according to ancient Celtic beliefs. And even today, winter is the dark time.

Halloween is not about dressing up and getting candy. It is about the time of the year when the spirits are able to move between the two worlds freely. And spirits do abound in certain places. I have been to Antietam battlefield at this time of year and felt the souls of those who died there.

I live in an area where spirits abound. There have been rumors about my house being haunted as well. There are some who claim some one hung himself in my attic. But asked for the time frame that the hanging supposedly took place, it is always before my house was built. My house wasn’t built until 1925. Prior to 1925, the property housed one of the local blacksmith shops (one of many in town.) The house for the property was the house next door. And most of the people who told me the story about my house are people who have lived in this town less than 30 years. To get the straight story, I simply asked those who were born and raised in this town and are well over the age of 70. The house where the story really took place was actually in Georgetown which is the opposite end of town from me. (My town was originally two separate towns that grew together. But to give you an idea of how little growing was needed, the old part of town is only two blocks long. And looking at the original maps of the two villages, they almost met. And yes, the spot where my house is located is on that map. And there are ghosts in this town.)

And tomorrow is Dia de losMuertos!!!! Although it is associated with Mexico, this holiday is celebrated in other Latin American countries as well.


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Frosty Morning

There was no frost warning for last night but here is what I saw this morning about 8:30. –


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Eye Candy Friday

It is still raining today. We have had rain on and off for 3 days now. But the rain is soaking in so I really can’t complain. Except I know a little furry person who is not happy. One of her favorite things to do is go outside and site and watch everything going on. So I am posting so old photo of her doing her favorite things. Right now it is pouring and she is curled up into a ball sleeping.


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Dark and Dreary with Bright Spots

Yesterday was a bit dreary with the reports that people were receiving their October STR shipments. But we had some rain so I couldn’t really complain. And the rain stopped long enough last night for me to head over to Borders to pick up some books that I had on hold. It started raining again after I got home last night so I sat and worked on my Mr. Greenjeans and listened to the rain.


There are two bright spots today despite the fact that it is very overcast, dreary, dark, and drizzly. One is the new book I picked up last night and the other is that my October STR shipment was waiting for me at the post office this morning.

No matter what when I go to Borders, I always check out the bargain books. And last night, I picked up a book about fire trucks and engines. The best part is that the book came with a little wooden ladder truck. With my coupons last night the price was even nicer. So of course this little book got added to my pile. I read the book when I got home and it is really interesting and actually accurate about the descriptions of what each piece of fire apparatus does on a call. I am picking up the last two copies tomorrow night for my chief’s mom. She is going to give them to her grandchildren as Christmas presents. (But of course, she might give one to her son the fire chief!)


This morning it was a tad on the nippy side considering that the temperatures have been in the high 70s over the past few days. I hate cold feet so I reached into the sock day and I am wearing hand knit socks today. My toes are nice and toasty. I also decided that since it was damp that I would wear something made out of wool instead of fleece as a jacket today. I pulled out a poncho I made a few years ago to wear. (I normally don’t wear ponchos but I had to make this one. It is called Poncho Mia!!!)


I was thinking of giving this to my niece but I think I will keep it now instead. It was nice and warm on the walk to the post office this morning. And at the post office there was the nice bright and cheery yellow slip that means you have a package in my box. Yes, it was my October shipment of the Rockin Sock Club from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. Let’s just say that Tina must have been communing with the spirits from down around Baltimore. The colors are perfect for the Raven series and Edgar Allan Poe. I am thinking that I will be acquiring more of the yarn in this series. After all, I do live in Maryland and Poe is most definitely associated with Maryland and is buried in Baltimore. So my logic follows that I need yarn from the Raven series.

There is a photo up on my Ravelry stash page that actually shows the true colors of the skein but for here, I am only posting the black and white photo. And here is a shot of what the skies look like today.


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Okay, I was tagged by Dani over at Knit ‘n’ NASCAR for 8 things.

And here are the rules –

Once tagged, you must link to the person who tagged you. Then post the rules before your list, and list 8 random things about yourself. At the end of the post, you must tag and link to 8 other people, visit their sites, and leave a comment letting them know they’ve been tagged.

1. I know tons of useless information. I am the person who you hate to play trivia games with unless sports are involved. I don’t like sports.

2. I used to compete in junior high and high school in debate and forensics. I won some awards in junior high for extemporaneous speech in junior high. I liked debate but I was better at forensics. I placed second in children’s literature reading and poetry at the county level my junior year of high school. And I was on the academic team ,y senior year.

3. I like to confuse people when I tell them I am Chinese. Technically, I am. My passport says I was born in China so therefore I am Chinese. See it is all logical.

4. I know more than the average person about wild land fires. The management system that is used in the fire service is based on the system developed in wild fires in California during the 70s. So I know that a strike team is comprised of 5 of anything. An IC (incident commander) in San Diego yesterday called for 150 more strike teams. He wanted 750 more engines!!!

5. I do not watch television. I disconnected my cable a few years ago and like it better that way. I do use Netflix but really only watch movies 2 or 3 nights a week. I am generally reading or knitting while listening to the DVDs.

6. My tastes in music are very eclectic. Although I do have a preference for Celtic music. Have you hear Old Blind Dogs? You should give them a listen.

7. I can fake being confident although inside I would rather be at home reading or out hiking. I really am shy.

8. I have a slight addiction to sock yarn. P, be quiet!!! Your addiction is just as bad.

Now I get to tag 8 people. So let me so who I want to tag…. P of Knit Buddies is first on the list. She is always first on the list. I am also going to tag my friend Guinfer over at Halfway Down the Stairs. Joy over dynamiteknits is also tagged which means she will blog!!!! Suz over Scattered Gemini is also tagged. Kris over at The Knitting Wannabee is alos tagged. And I will also tag MG from Knit Buddies. If you want to be tagged, consider yourself tagged.

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Remember These?

My nephew has been helping to clean out the basement of the building. And look at what he found!!! There is actually a record player for them as well. He wants the records and the record player. I am not even sure the record player works but that at least is his. I still have to go through the LPS to see what is in the pile. But he will not be getting these records. I earned some of these 45s as payment for babysitting one time. We are talking about the Beatles, the Beach Boys, and U2. There is no way he is getting these precious vinyls.


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The Color Purple

The color purple is the reason for so little knitting lately. I have been sewing on the binding onto a quilt that is purple. I finished sewing on the binding and just need to create the label for the quilt now. Once I finish sewing on a binding, I generally wash the quilt before sewing on the label. This is a quilt that I finished the top for a few years ago but never got around to having the top quilted. The problem is now that everyone in the family wants the quilt. But this one is my quilt or it will be until I have the next one quilted. And I know what I can give for presents this year at least.


And the weather has been strange lately. My eggplant is still blooming. And there are tiny eggplants on the plant. Eggplant is normally a heat loving plant and the temperatures have actually been dropping at night. But we have not yet had a frost so I may get lucky and get a few more eggplant from this one plant. The cooler weather has meant that it was time to plant fall lettuce. I planted mesclun mix and mustards in my planters. And they have started to come up already. I need to thin them a little but I will wait a few more days. I can eat what I thin.


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